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Retail Forecasting

Forecasting of merchandise sales across key product categories, integrated into custom dashboards, and enabling efficient and optimal decision-making.

  • With retail analytics and forecasting, you will be able to:

    • Evaluate: Custom dashboards provide a holistic overview of your retail business, from top-line revenue all the way down to SKU-level sales

    • Predict: Intelligent demand forecasts help buyers optimize the amount of product to buy, reducing costs on inventory write-offs

    • Act: Quickly identify trends in your sales and inventory, enabling swift action to ramp up marketing or restocking to maximize product availability

What is the value to a sports organization?

  • Reduce Cost: Reduce inventory write-offs through improved demand forecasting

  • Increase Sales: Optimize product offerings and quickly identify key areas for sales support

  • Improve Operations: Quickly identify out-of-stock products/locations to ensure they are restocked efficiently

  • Maximize Marketing: Better understand what marketing strategies drive sales

Retention Modelling

Retention modelling predicts a season ticket member’s likelihood to renew their membership for the upcoming season by incorporating data on member touchpoints from across the business.

  • Representatives have data at their fingertips, unique to each account, allowing for customized interactions and resulting in a higher likelihood of renewing a member

  • Gain a deeper understanding of high-impact touchpoints so representatives can be proactive in their interactions with members, and thus increase the probability of renewal

  • Optimize membership pricing to maximize both renewals and revenue

Value to sports organizations

  • Increase Renewal Likelihood: By arming representatives with impactful information, you increase a members’ likelihood to renew, thus resulting in increased revenue protection

  • Improved Rep Engagement: Each rep has a customized target based on their book-of-business, allowing for appropriate incentivization and compensation

  • Optimize Product Mix: By understanding which seats are likely to come back, teams can shift their product mix to maximize revenue and sell-through

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