NFT Platform

Drop Shop is our proprietary NFT platform, where fans can purchase NFTs from their favourite brand or creator. The NFTs can be a wide range of digital collectibles including imagery and digital art created in collaboration with well-known artists. The NFTs also have smart contracts that can be triggered based on a real-life event such as a goal being scored.

auction nfts

  • Auction NFTs can be adapted to be dropped at any time, driving value through a set time of an auction period. 


  • Single NFTs can be set in value similar to Pack Drops but without a reveal process. The drop would showcase the asset, and the number available with the option to purchase then and there. 


  • Packs follow the ‘loot box’ model where fans purchase a blind pack at a set price and open it to find to a set number of NFTs of varying rarity. 




Generate revenue through the sale of drops for fans to purchase at a set price (e.g., $10 per pack x 1,000 packs)



Marketplace activity generates revenue through perpetual commissions (e.g., 5% per marketplace transaction)




We are an operator of multiple professional teams and have a deep understanding of the dynamics of the sports and entertainment industry and the consumers that will be interested in this offering



Drop Shop can be configured to maximize the client’s strategy whether the direction is to do packs, single NFTs, or auctions and users can make purchases in fiat or cryptocurrency



Most NFT based companies are start-ups that are funded by investors, we are backed by one of the biggest sports companies in the world and launching NFTs for our brands as well



The platform allows the client to generate royalties in perpetuity


  • Drop Shop is built on Polygon which is a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks
  • As a Proof-of-Stake (POS) blockchain, this side chain consume 0.00079TWh of electricity yearly with an approximate continuous draw of 0.00009GW which is orders of magnitude below the energy consumption of Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains at 35–140 TWh of electricity, with a continuous draw of anywhere between 3–15 GW


Arcade Games provide a digital playground for fans to engage with their favourite team even when they are not watching the game.

  • Arcade Games provide fans the opportunity to engage with co-branded partner-sponsored experiences to win prizes

  • The platform unlocks the opportunity for partners to interact with fans in a unique way, reach a different segment of fans, and have an above average amount of time to deliver partner messaging

  • The platform collects rich fan data including:

    • Demographic data to build fan profiles

    • Behavioural data

    • Partner-engagement metrics (e.g., dwell time, rate of redemption, program success)

Value to sports organizations

  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: Access your fans when they aren’t watching the game

  • Rich Data & Insights: Demographic and behavioural fan data

  • Partner-Data: Success and performance data of the campaign

  • Co-Branded & Co-created Experiences: Targeted initiatives to enhance the brand of your organization and your partners

Value to fans

  • Feel Closer to the Team: Engage with their favourite team and players

  • Prizing & Offers: Fans get access to a limited amount of offers and prizes that they would not have access to elsewhere

  • Game & Leaderboard: Leaderboards that also unlock the ability to collect and redeem points

  • Fan-to-Fan Experiences: The potential of multi-player gaming to interact and compete with other fans


Scoreboard is a digital youth engagement and evaluation platform created to fill a void in youth sport where effective measurement and evaluation are needed to improve youth outcomes and increase a funder’s return on investment. Through this platform, youth facing barriers can engage in interventions that increase development for success in sport and life.

  • The platform has been recognized as best in class in the sport development sector due to its merger of two essential capabilities, strong youth engagement and powerful impact measurement.

  • Scoreboard measures impact in a range of youth sport settings combining elements of program management and detailed analytics with exciting engagement capabilities. Scoreboard’s features include:

    • Proprietary questionnaires to assess 18 key development outcomes

    • Program registration, scheduling, and attendance management

    • Reward mechanisms to incent program attendance and survey completion

    • Points Store for youth to exchange in-app rewards for real world prizes

    • Digital communication channels with program participants

    • Robust data analytics and reporting functionality integrated with Tableau

What is the value to a sports organization?

  • Comprehensive Functionality: All-in-one tool for management of youth programming and impact measurement

  • Industry Leading Methodology: Opportunity to measure youth outcomes using best-in class techniques

  • High Engagement Capacity: Using gamification and reward mechanisms encourages key behaviours and life skill development

  • Knowledge Transfer: Opportunity to benchmark data with other organizations and apply shared learnings

What is the value to platform users?

  • Youth: Challenges and point incentivization keeps users engaged with programming objectives

  • Administrators & Coaches: Streamlined back-end tools allows staff to focus on participants and program objectives

  • Funders: Robust reporting capabilities allow for efficient and comprehensive impact assessment

  • Governments & Research Institutions: Access to longitudinal data to assess sport development approaches

Puck and Player Tracking

The game at your fans’ fingertips, as never seen before, to drive fan engagement and data collection

  • Follow puck and player movement on the ice in real-time, through embedded tracking devices and infrared technology that unlocks the power of data

  • Render to mobile devices, bringing the game to life wherever your fans are. With never-seen-before stats and in-game visuals, this technology allows fans to dive deep into the game they love.

  • Unlock unparalleled engagement opportunities without the restrictions of live streams and broadcasting rights

What is the value to a sports organization?

  • Enhanced Fan Engagement: Meet the ever-evolving needs and wants of the avid hockey fan

  • Advanced Data Analytics: Improving player and team performance

  • Fan Data Extraction: Deeper understanding of digital fan behaviours and interactions

  • Opportunity to Attract New Fans: Help new fans understand the game

What is the value to fans?

  • Unique Player Stats & Game Analysis: Never-before-seen stats and in-game visuals

  • Closer than Ever to Their Favourite Players: Follow favourite players and track their performance in the game

  • Follow the Game from Anywhere: Fans aren’t limited to streaming or watching a broadcast to see how the game unfolds

  • Never Miss a Minute of the Game: The ability to package instant replays allows fans to rewind to plays they missed

Member portal

The Membership Portal enables members and representatives to communicate through a premium and personalized experience designed to highlight exclusive benefits, offers, reservations and events.

  • Allows members to manage their tickets, offers, and benefits of their MLSE Membership through an easy to use mobile portal

  • Members will access the portal through the team apps, ensuring members have quick access for their needs

  • Provides an immediate communication channel from representatives to members, without the need for development or updates

  • A premium and personalized experience, tailored not only to the team but also membership type

Value to sports organizations

  • Reduced support: Less time needed to field calls to help members

  • Less time on the phone: Self discover offers and benefits at member's own pace, without the need for support

  • Better data: Collect information on user behaviour to optimize member experience

  • Unique Offers: Target offers, events and benefits to specific sections of your membership group, ensuring members are only seeing content tailored for them

Value to MEMBERS

  • Dedicated channel: Establish a clear path of communication exclusive to members

  • Ease of use: All ticketing and membership information can be found in one place

  • Exclusive offers: Receive offers available only to members

  • Personalization: Over time, the portal can be customized based on a member's specific needs

MLSE License Hub

An interactive portal to empower fans to buy and sell personal seat licenses (PSL) in a secure and transparent manner. The MLSE License Hub is a customizable, interactive solution that will:

  • Provide the bearer with the right to buy season tickets for a specific seat

  • Allow teams to improve the tracking of PSL holders but also generate fees from transactions

  • Enhance the perceived value of a sellers’ license due to the centralization of demand into one platform

  • Arm buyers with both interactive product descriptions and access to team specific support channels to reduce legitimacy concerns

What is the value to a sports organization?

  • Revenue Generation: Opportunity to impose transaction fees for each PSL transfer

  • Access to Advanced Data: Robust analytics enabling fan segmentation and predictive modelling

  • Customer Retention: A sophisticated PSL marketplace reduces the perceived financial risk for season ticket holders

  • Reduced Customer Call Volume: Improved PSL merchandising and support channels allow for self service and higher customer confidence

What is the value to fans?

  • Improved Transparency: MLSE License Hub provides buyers with more visibility into ticket transfer process

  • Increased Liquidity: Establishing a formal market better matches potential buyers to sellers

  • Secure Payment Processing: Reduces risk of dishonest, in-person cash transactions

  • Enhanced User Experience: Delivers all the necessary information to make transaction decisions in an easy-to-navigate format

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