Digital Arena

Digital Arena

For years, sports and entertainment companies have focused on making their fan experience more engaging for those watching from home. Recently, it has become clear that personalization is the way of the future.

Forced into a new world, our lab has created a Digital Arena to bring the excitement of the live venue to fans at home.

Digital Arena provides the ability for live game presentation to engage fans, allowing them to interact with digital experiences related to the game in real-time. Features include:

Enhanced Game Viewing

Second Screen Experience

  • Multi-Cam Selection

  • Team and Player Stats

  • 360 Camera

  • Advanced Analytics Overlays

Fan Interactions

Fan Engagement + Partner Promotion

  • Real-time Leaderboard

  • Predictive Gaming

  • Trivia Competitions

  • Public & Private Chats

  • Arcade Games

  • 50/50 Draws

Commercial Opportunities

Maximizing Client + Partner Value

  • Exclusive Merchandise Sales

  • Food & Drink Delivery

  • Giveaways

ENhanced Viewing Experience

Fans can watch all angles of the game from the comfort of their own homes using our multi cam and 360 video technology. Track the game, players, and team like never before with new-age stats and analytics using our advanced analytics overlays.

fan interactions

Fans can interact with each other and with the game in real-time, making predictions, answering trivia, and competing in games to win prizes. Leaderboards can be integrated so fans can track how they’re performing relative to friends, family, and other fans.

Commercial Opportunities

Digital Arena is an opportunity to generate revenue through the new inventory that this platform creates. With a new value proposition, consumers and partners will be excited by the innovations in which they can participate.

    New interactive platform to retain existing viewers and appeal to newer audiences

    Direct-to-consumer subscription and membership retention and benefits

    Merchandise and F&B E-commerce transactions

    Generate new and protect existing partnerships

    Potential for future revenue generated from in-game betting

Developed alongside our partner Tradable Bits

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