Performance Lab


Unite sports, technology and country to establish Toronto as the leading global hub for sports performance.


The Sport Performance Lab will bring together leading minds in science, technology and coaching to challenge, research, and reinvent high performance.

Key pillars

Basic research

Work carried out to advance scientific knowledge without practical knowledge and develop ideas that originate from hypotheses with successful outputs published in scientific journals.

Applied research

This work aims to advance scientists' knowledge with a specific practical application in view. Ideas often come from journals with successful outputs implemented in the field.


Work is carried out to achieve technological advancement via both new and existing products/processes with the ultimate goal of creating a prototype.

Sample Areas of focus

Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement

Equipment research

Coaching & management



Athlete identification is a varied, club-by-club approach in Major League Soccer and across the globe. Our Toronto FC team currently identifies athletes for our Academy through a number of avenues but it is difficult to get the best players.

Our Digital Labs team viewed this as a challenge and developed a product to solve it - Widenet.

What is widenet?

It is a mobile app-based technology to identify young soccer talent based on speed and overall fitness.

How does it Work?

  • Players can complete tasks and submit times and videos corresponding to certain challenges

  • AR is used to set up an athlete's test area to earmark specific distances or markers

  • Those with the best scores appear on a public-facing leaderboard

  • Toronto FC can use these results to identify high potential prospects and invite them to tryout for the TFC Academy

What are the objectives of widenet?

  • Find new, undiscovered talent throughout the Canadian soccer ecosystem

  • Identify many promising athletes who may have been overlooked

  • Create a pipeline of talent to develop professional-level players in the future

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